Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Remembering Grandma Lue

Remembering Grandma Lue
by Jessica McKellar 4-12-10

5 years; has it been that long?

Since my dear grandma has been gone?

I miss the stories she used to tell,

and man how I miss her grandma smell.

Kinda like flowers or clean laundry most times,

mixed with home cooking and coffee sometimes.

Her fingernails were pretty and long,

always kept painted and especially strong.

Her hair she kept curled with rollers and pins,

sometimes a perm, just depends.

She wore dresses on Sunday to go worship the Lord,

shoes, jewelry, and makeup were always in accord.

She sang along with the choir,

and a special song here and there;

she never missed an opportunity to say a prayer.

My grandma was a reader you see,

romance novels were never far from reach.

She wore glasses to read and a bright light was never far,

I never knew missing her would be this hard.

She taught Sunday School for years and cooked feasts for the

family quite often,

until the cancer came around and then she lost it.

She was a fine woman who worked really hard,

she raised 5 children: you know she was tard!

I can picture her clearly in my mind,

her face comes to me alot, I find.

She was so honest, so loving

and she loved the Lord with all her heart,

she tried her best to never fall apart.

My grandma is heaven with Jesus you see,

she has her mansion over the hilltop,

she's happy and pain free.

I know she looks down on me at the woman I've become,

I wonder if she's proud or thinks I'm really dumb?

How I know she would have loved little Emmy Alexis,

Jason too, I'm sure she'd accept us.

5 years; has it been that long?

Since my dear Grandma has been gone?

Jessie Lue Cook

June 28, 1929-April 13, 2005

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