Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yesterday is gone
Today not far behind
All become one
In the pages of our mind
Life is but a moment
Written in the book of time
If we could only stop it
If life would only rhyme
Loving is a dream
A gentle, sweet caress
But it is what it seems
Is it more....or less?

By: My mom
Diane Jennings

The Flower

A beautiful thing is the flower.
A wonder to behold.
The many colors did nature shower,
It's petals to unfold.
In cool of morn, it's buds unfurl,
In promise of beauty foretold,
Blossoms open to tell the world,
Of exotic perfumes untold.
In dark of night on breezes waft.
The scents of time immortal.
Fragrances that drift so soft,
Through window, door, and portal.
By: My mom
Diane Jennings


Friends or lovers.
Which will last longest,
In the end,
One must be strongest.

By: My mom
Diane Jennings


Years...gone in moments.
Seconds that seem like years.
Life...gone in one last breath.
Birth....a joyous beginning.
Dim light, but is it dawn or dusk?
Darkness, but somewhere there is light.
Sunlight, but darkness waits to take over. many?
Can they even be counted?
Footprints, no one in sight.
Who has gone before?
Alone, or do the shadows move?
Love or hate, who can tell?
Alive, but for how long?
Dead, but does death last forever?
Words on paper, will anyone ever read them?
Eternity, how long does it last?
Such are the mysteries of life.
By: My mom, Diane Jennings