Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emmy's Bday Poem

Where has the time gone
It seems like yesterday
When I first held you in my arms.
All the bottles, pacifiers, and blankets are gone.
Hopefully, diapers will be quick to follow.
I've watched you grow from tiny to small-
first you held your head up, crawled, pulled up, then walked.
Now you run everywhere
with no time to rest.
You constantly learn and speak more each day.
We couldn't have picked a better name
Emmy it fits.
You're about to turn two
and this mommy isn't ready.
Not ready for complete potty-trained,
preschool or friends
Not ready for full sentences
or evening activities.
But the time is here
And I'm about to face it all.
And then I remember....
Emmy's still pretty small.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Still pretty small. But your message to the world. She looks great. :-)