Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Dreamer

I am a dreamer,
a dreamer is all I can be.
I dream of so many things,
dreams that I wish were reality.

As I lay myself at night to sleep,
I pray to God the memories I keep.
As I gently close my eyes and relax,
I wish that I would dream of you.

I dream of you in so many ways,
a dream so beautiful, so real...
your arms around me while we kiss,
the feeling of true love with such bliss.

As I kept dreaming, I prayed....
"Lord, please make him mine someday!"
and as I kiss in my dream, my man said,
"I am yours.... and always will be!"

I woke up with tears in my eyes,
knowing it was all a dream.
As I turned to my right to wipe my tears, I smiled,
my heart just leaped and almost went wild.

Right next to me is an angel,
an angel in my dreams was my man.
The man I have longed, prayed, dreamed, and cried for,
the angel that I will love forevermore!

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